General Terms and Conditions


Enter Amalie Hotel

The General terms and conditions are valid for all non binding reservation requests as well as binding reservations made to Enter Tromsø Hotels and Apartments AS, hereby referred to as ENTER
ENTER is a Norwegian based company and therefore we operate under Norwegian Law. Your reservation together with these terms and conditions shall be subject to Norwegian Law.
Reservation requests and bookings:
All reservation requests must be made in writing via email. Upon receiving your reservation request our team will reply to you in email to continue the reservation. We do not accept reservations or requests made over the phone. You may however call us to inquire availability and rates.
Reservations made through ENTER for single services or packages are binding. When booking on our website, please take careful note of the given cancelation deadlines and conditions. You shall be responsible for filling in all details with accurate information and details. By making a booking you agree to the privacy policy indicated on our website. You shall also be responsible for ensuring that you all necessary travel documents (passports, visas, travel insurance, etc) are in order. ENTER has the right to decline the booking within 24 hoursand will give written notice if so.
Accommodation or travel services contract and payment: When making a booking, an accommodation or travel services contract between yourselves and ENTER is enacted. The confirmed price should be paid upon making your reservation on our website, unless otherwise agreed in writing with our reservations department. In this case those agreed payment methods, either invoice or payment by card upon arrival will over rule. All services and obligations arising from the accommodation or travel services contract exist directly and exlusively between the customer and ENTER.
Modifications and cancelations policy:
Reservations must be kept and maintained by the hotel.
ENTER has various cancellation policies for our customers when booking on our website. The cancellation policy is indicated when you make your reservation, before you pay. For email reservation requests, you will be informed of the cancellation policy for the order when an offer is made. The cancellation policy given online or in writing is binding to your order and cannot be adjusted after your order has been placed.
In case of cancellation, all cancelations must be made directly with the ENTER or cancelled on our website under My Orders.
When booking through a third party supplier, their cancellation policies will be enforced.
No Shows: – for a no show the cancelation fee is 100%.
Refunds: Should your cancellation come within the timelines set out above entitling you to a refund of the whole or part of the booking fees pre-paid by you, we will request details to begin the refund. We will require a minimum of 7 working days for any refunds to be made, after receipt of your mail.
Contractually agreed room price:
All prices shown in the system are up to date.Daily rates and special offers (which can change at any time), and are valid for all bookings made through ENTER.
Bookings are made at the current best daily price for ENTER, which have bbeen offered shown in the name of the ENTER.ENTER special offers such as; last minute, season, weekend or other offers are automatically taken into consideration at the time of booking.
General Terms
The guest hast the right to access the hired rooms from 15.00 hours on the agreed day.
The accommodation provider has the right, in the case of the non-appearance of the guest by 18.00 hours on the agreed arrival day, to withdraw from the contract unleass a later arrival time has been agreed.
If the guest has paid an advance payment, however, the room(s) remain(s) reserved until 12.00 hours the following day at the latest.
The hired rooms are to be vacated by the guest by 12.00 hours on the day of departure.If the guest does not vacate his room by 12.00 hours, the accommodation provider is entitled to charge him the price of the room for a further day.
Activities & Spa Reservations
For all activity and spa reservations, you shall be responsible to ensure that you are fit to participate. You shall inform ENTER of any pre-existing medical conditions in writing, though you are responsible for consulting with your doctor on the safety of your participation. For specific natural phenomenon based tours such as whale watching and northern lights tours, ENTER does not guarantee the sighting and refund will not be given as a result that these phenomenon are natural and unpredictable.
Provision of Substitute Accommodation
The accommodation provider can make appropiate substitute accommodation available to the guest, if this is reasonable to the guest, especially due to the fact of the difference being negligibel and factually justified.
A factual justification is given, for example, when the room (rooms) have become unusable, or an already resident guest extends their stay or other operational measures give rise to this step.
Any possible extra costs for the substitute accommodation are to be assumed by the accommodation provider.
Rights of the Guest
The signature of an accommodation contract gives the guest the right to the normal use of the hired rooms, of the facilites of the accommodation institution, which normally and without any special conditions, are available for usage by guests and to the usual services.
The guest has the right to access the hired rooms from 15.00 hours on the agreed date.
Whether full-board or half-board has been agreed, the guest has the right to request, for meals of which he is not availing himself, an appropriate substitute provision (packed lunch) or a coupon, provided that he has 24 hours in advance
Obligations of the Guest
On the termination of the accommodation contract, the agreed payment amount is to be paid. The accommodation provider is not obliged to accept cash-free payment methods such as cheques,coupons, vouchers et. Any requisite costs ensuing relating to the acceptance of these securities, for example for telegrams, enquiries etc. are to be assumed by the guest.
If food and drink are available in the accommodation, but are brought into it and consumed in the public areas by the guests, the accommodation provider is entitled to charge an appropriate compensation to the account (so-called “corkage charge” for drinks)
In the case of damages caused by the guest, the guest is liable for all damage and disadvantage suffered by the accommodation provider or thir parties due to his/her fault or fault of his/her companion or other persons for whom he is responsible and even when the injured party is entitled to claim compensation directly from the accommodation provider.
Rights of ENTER
If the guest refuses to pay the specified payment amount or is in arrears, the owner of the accommodation is entitled to withhold the handed-in belonging of the guest as a security for the dept ensuing from the accommodation, food and outlays on behalf of the guest
If additional service is requested either in the guest’s room or at unusual times, the accommodation provider in entitled to charge a special supplement for this service. This special supplement is to be stated on the room price notice. The accommodation provider can also refuse these services for commercial or operational reasons.
Obligations of the Accommodation Provider
The accommodation provider has the obligation to provide the agreed services to an appropiate and safe standard.
Special services that are obligatorily chargeable and which are not included in the accommodation price will be indicated and specified upon receipt of the request
The accommodation provider is entitled to cancel the accommodation contract with immediate effect, if the guest:
-makes a considerable detrimental use of the premises or, through his inconsiderate, objectionable or otherwise inappropriate uncouth behaviour, spoils the collective living experience of the other guests or is guilty of punishment-threatening behaviour against the property, morality or physical security of the accommodation provider, his statt or one of the persons staying in the accommodation institution.
-is overcome by either a contagious disease or one which exceeds the accommodation duration or is in need of medical care.
-does not pay the submitted invoice after a demand within a reasonably set time-period.
-In these above cases ENTER is not obligated to provide a refund
Force Majeure:
ENTER will make every effort to provide all services ordered for our guests indicated in the order confirmation, but ENTER reserves the right at its discretion to modify or cancel and services due to a force majeure event. This includes but is not limited to: war, riots, strikes, natural disasters, and terror attacks. In such an event, the. The client will be notified in writing and suitable alternative arrangements (as far as possible) will be proposed.